Problems because no usb-qube and no Bluetooth conection

Hey, i am new to Qubes and struggle with a Bluetooth audio connection.
I have read some posts on the subject before but have not found anything suitable or I am too bad for it.
I have no USB cube because i selected sys-net for this. I tried to run sudo apt install bluetooth bluez blueman in sys-net (debian) but nothing changed.
I tried to create a separate usb-cube but failed. i just found the dom0 terminal (desktop) and run the command sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.sys-usb and got that:
ID: sys-net-usb
Function: qvm.prefs
Name: sys-net
Result: False
Comment: The following requisites were not found:
sls: qvm.sys-net
Started: 11:50:46.842838
Duration: 0.003 ms

everything else was ok.

I hope you can help me