Post instalation fail to install basic template and qube

Well, I have the same issue as this topic,
Which I can’t reply.
I got the same message during installation after reboot.
I can login dom0, but there is no qubes at all. No sys-net, no sys-firewall, and no template at all. I cant do anything.
Data mount point was /var/lib/qubes
as the automatic button does.

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Interesting. Do you mind running in a dom0 terminal (XFCE Terminal) the command sudo journalctl -u qubesd and either screenshotting and uploading here or copying the text?

If you have a github account or don’t mind creating one, please continue the conversation on the associated github issue, so the developers more easily see it.

or checking the result matches this: Qubes 4.1-RC1 fails to install fedora-34 template · Issue #6975 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub