Post disappeared from forum after clicking Edit button


I just made a post requesting help, it is now deleted:

Is there any way to recover this? And any explanation why this happened?

Thank you

[forum bug, sorry for taking it personally :heart:]

~e.g. if this should have been submitted to the github, that’s fine, but this was a thoughtful post by a long-time Qubes OS user and this is an extremely negative first experience to have with the Qubes OS Forum.~

: (

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I can see you post @qc0, and saw it when you posted it.

It does now look like it was deleted, and the edit history doesn’t mention anyone but you. Might that have been accidental?

I really don’t see any indication that the removal was either a result of the automatic anti-SPAM filtering or any other user (including anyone on the moderation team).

Can you see the post when you follow your link? If so, you can see the original content and should be able to edit it back. Does that make sense, have you noticed that edited posts show the edition history under a little “pencil / edit” icon?

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Thanks for your quick reply – maybe a bug in the forum software?

I cannot see the post when I follow my link, and it seems to have disappeared after I clicked the edit button at bottom (I was hoping to grab the markdown text to submit in the GitHub).

Is there any way to see recently deleted posts? If not, I’ll just resubmit.


Hold on for a bit. Better solution in progress!

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Definitely a bad one. As you can see in the picture below, it looks like it was deleted by you (bottom right). However, technically nobody can delete their own posts, which makes it all the more weird. Anyways it has now been restored.


Aw, thanks, you retrieved it! Much appreciated.


Also, if it helps (as possible explanation for weird bug) I was using Brave Browser (shields up). :person_shrugging:

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