Plantronics / Poly headset audio not working

Hello, I have a Plantronics/Poly c5220 headset, when using the USB dongle the audio is not working (cannot hear anything), only the microphone is working fine.
The device appears in sys-usb and I attach it to the AppVM where I need the headset, when I do so the microphone is working as expected but cannot hear any audio, thus resulting useless for my needs (skype/zoom/gmeet calls).
Testing the same headset on MacOS it’s working fine, anyone can help me or encountered the same issue?

Qubes version: 4.0 (R4.0)
Target AppVM tried fedora, debian

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See also: Sys-usb requires what package for USB headsets?

Hello, thank you for your reply, I’ve checked and pulseaudio-qubes is installed but I think I found a workaround by attaching, detaching and reattaching again the device after that the headset is working fine

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Update, after additional testing the workaround that I described is not consistent, the attach-reattach combination doesn’t work always (no audio).