Plans for Xen in Qubes 4.2?

What version of Xen is the team aiming for 4.2?
What version of dom0 (Fedora) is the team aiming for 4.2? Well it looks like we got it going! But it’s Swiss cheese at the moment… just like core teams 5+ kernel lol!

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not sure about xen, but for dom0

it hasn't been decided on a specific one yet, but I'm strongly considering Yocto/OpenEmbedded - for its ability to build small system

but i hope qubes update dom0 fedora soon if yocto way still long

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Xen 4.17+ and Fedora 37 as dom0.


On this note, when are you planning to release the signed weekly builds for 4.2? I’m interested in testing it out.


Very soon, probably next week. We are waiting for ISO containing now kernel-latest to be tested on the next run.


can you point me where i can track this?

i actually have some experimental regarding to qubes live iso.

I’ve not opened a specific issue for that now. I’m currently trying to make all dom0 package working under Fedora 37.

I see, thanks for the info.

Please announce if fc37 in dom0 is ready to test :pray:


have try with xen 4.17, no bug until now, i dont have idea with fc37 in dom0, have slow connection :frowning:

I tried switching repo and performed an in-place upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2, and found inter-vm networking not functioning. Fresh install of openqa’s iso doesn’t have this problem.