When will the next version be released?

The latest version now is 4.1.1. When will the next version be released?

Don’t know about the official release, but the signed weekly build should be released very soon.

When these issues are solved, more or less:

I don’t know whether there will be a 4.1.2 release (or whether we’ll just proceed directly to 4.2.0), but if there is, you can track its progress here:

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I am watching the github issues for a while and was searching for an overview of the features of 4.2 over 4.1. Obvious is the new gui-vm or gui-gpu-vm. But appart from that? Can somebody explain me where qubes is making progress?

I’m looking for the new Xen/dom0:

Yes, but what are the changes, which affect the user? Using a higher xen, linux and fedora version may yield performance improvements, but what are the direct consequences of updating for the user?

I’m hoping to get Qubes running on a Lenovo T14 Gen 3 with AMD cpu … :crossed_fingers:

You can see the 4.2 milestone, there are a lot of UI improvements and the switch to Wayland.


Given the number of newer (and older) computers using AX210/AX211 or similar WiFi cards a sooner 4.1.2 release would be more beneficial than a latter 4.2 release to a Qubes newcomer (or those doing a reinstall).

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