Outgoing link from Obsidian to Firefox not working


I began to work with Obsidian in a Fedora 38 VM, but outgoing Links to Firefox are not working. If I use an Obsidian Plugin to open outgoing Links directly in Obsidian, they are working fine. Has someone an Idea how to fix this?

Thanks for help

Hi @Dani710, welcome to the Community!

Could this issue be relevant?

Hi @fsflover thank you :slight_smile: no I don’t think so, the outgoing links didn’t even work before the fedora 38 update…

Could you be more specific? Do you receive any error? Do you have anything in the logs?

When I create a link to the Internet in a file in Obsidian and try to open it, nothing happens. Even hardcoded links in the program do not open. I get no error message. But with an Obsidian plugin I can at least open the links I created myself directly in the “Obsidian browser”. However, the links programmed into the program still do not work. When I create a link to the Internet in LibreOffice Writer, it opens as desired in the default browser (Chrome).
I am not an advanced user, how can I check my logs?

Thanks for your help

To me, it looks like a problem specific to Obsidian. I’m not using it, so can’t really help, but perhaps you could ask on their forums. There are similar discussions like, for example, this or this.

Ok I will do that. Thanks again for your help!