Last Template-Fedora38 update broke Firefox

Last template fedora 38 update broke firefox in all fedora based app-VM’s. Firefox can only be started from terminal since last update.


same here!

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Solved by using dnfdragora in the fc38 template.
removed firefox with dnf, and manually remove firefox from /usr/lib64/ using sudo rm -rf. Did this in ALL fedora based app VM’s. And doing sudo dnf clean all in the template, the services and the app VM’s including default-dvm. Really everywhere. All of this untill firefox is completely removed in everything based on Fedora.
Say NO to every update to Firefox 118. When it is really gone, reboot. Go to dnfdragora and install firefox 111. That firefox works normally.

I wouldn’t install a severely outdated version (that no longer gets any security patches) just to fix this temporary inconvenience of having to start Firefox through a terminal.

The trouble is Fedora:

Fedora is too inovative. I’d like Qubes to move to Debian, also for dom0. Much better, and much less updating. Fedora always gives trouble after updates. A bit like Windows…
When the stable release of R4.2 is out, I’ll switch all app VM’s to Debian.

The linked page is outdated, Firefox in Fedora 38 stable does have the security patch.

To fix the launcher problem right now, people can remove the line DBusActivatable=true in /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop on their Fedora TemplateVM.


I always wonder why people choose Debian as their favorite distro. Usually, when I casually note that I’m using Arch, the Debian people argue that they don’t want to repair the stuff the package maintainer messed up.

I’ve never had to repair one single package in Arch. But on Debian and Debian descendants I have had dependencies hells on several occasions. Or just completely outdated software. Kali is using a rolling distro approach based on Debian Testing I believe. A year or so ago Kali delivered so much crap, that I thought it might be better to just git clone the tool I need and compile stuff myself.

Anyway, that would be a thread for a different category.

Actually that’s why QubesOS is so cool. One can simply have a handful of distros in stock and even switch the template of an AppVM if deemed necessary.

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