NovaCustom NV41 laptop review

If I push hard (a LOT harder than when typing) on the center of the keyboard, it flexes very little (that’s expected from a material to be flexible to not break), if I push anywhere else it doesn’t flex at all.

I can confidently say it doesn’t flex, except if you really want it to by pushing hard for no reasons.

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Interesting fact I just discovered. Connecting an usb-c dock on the thunderbolt port allows to use the HDMI output from the dock :ok_hand: , if I do it on the usb-c it doesn’t work. On both, the USB controllers from the dock are working, and also the integrated ethernet adapter (for an extra ethernet port)

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it was using 500% CPU)
Does it mean 5 physical CPUs at 100% each?

exactly :slight_smile:

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Is it able to charge from the dock?

Yes but only when it’s connected to the thunderbolt/usb-c port that is on the left side

More details about the HDMI port (I didn’t use it before). It works fine with my 1080p 144hz screen and I can play sound on it, for it I had to open the audio mixer, click on Configuration tab, and in the “Internal audio” options list I chose “Digital stereo (HDMI)”, now the sound plays from the screen and not the laptop itself :+1:

I’ll work from my laptop from now on, instead of mixing work on my desktop and laptop when I want to work from a different desk at home, I just had to connect the hdmi cable and my KVM switch allowing my to switch the keyboard/mouse between the desktop and laptop :star_struck:

I wish I had a hdmi capable KVM, but it costs too much and they don’t provide 144 hz, and the desktop is also used for gaming so I need to use a display port cable to have VRR (variable refresh rate) as it’s not compatible with HDMI :frowning:


@solene If you don’t mind some more questions: does your NV41 have battery charging limits available (e.g. /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/charge_control_end_threshold) to stop the laptop from charging before it reaches 100%? If so, what coreboot version are you using?

Yes, it’s available and even configurable in the bios. I’m currently running dasharo coreboot 1.7.1

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I see that you can add quite beefy GPUs to NV41. What can you do with this GPU hardware when you are using QubesOS? I heard from last year’s QubesOS Summit, the future of QubesOS will include better GPU integration, maybe, then, you can take full advantage of a GPU?

I can’t really give an answer about speculations.

If you add a dedicated GPU, you would be able to use it in a single qube at a time, and it’s not a really smooth experience at the moment. Most of the time, it’s useful for either gaming, machine learning or video encoding/reencoding

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I’ve been able to figure an equalizer setting improving the audio to be really good. I’m absolutely not an audio expert, but it sounded a lot better for pop, rock, metal or piano.

  • 31 Hz: 0 db
  • 63 Hz: 0 db
  • 125 Hz: 0 db
  • 250 Hz: 0 db
  • 500 Hz: -4 db
  • 1 kHz: -5 db
  • 2 kHz: -8 db
  • 4 kHz: -3 db
  • 8 kHz: -3 db
  • 16 kHz: +2 db

The idea is to lower the trebles instead of pushing the bass that quickly saturate. Depending on what you listen to and your tastes, you could try +1 or +2 db for the 4 first settings, but it may saturate sometimes.



So far, I never experienced issues except one related to the Atheros Wi-Fi card (this is not the stock Wi-Fi device): 1 time out of 10 when I suspend and resume, the card is missing, and I need to restart the qube sys-net to have it again. I didn’t try with the latest Dasharo update though, it may be solved.

Any updates on this? Does Atheros Wi-Fi card still has this “issue”?

I didn’t had it for a while but I suspend the computer maybe once a day. I’ll try to remember doing extensive tests and give you feedback.

I updated the bios to a bit more recent version, but AFAIK there is still a major firmware update that is still in beta :thinking:


I got this chipset though but I think I’ll replace it, it’s too slow over local network as it can only reach 10 MB/s :confused:

Interesting. Thanks for this info. I am inclined towards getting the Atheros chip as it is blob-free, but if it has such deficiencies, I might have to reconsider.

v1.7.2 is no longer in beta and finally stable. You can update the firmware by following the firmware update instructions.


The downside of the Atheros WiFi chip is that it is quite slow indeed, as it is an old WiFi card.

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I’m already on 1.7.2 then :v:

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What is the option that’s marked as “Killer” on the NV41 order page? Is this the best wifi chip + bluetooth combo?