NovaCustom NV41 laptop review


That was a very nice write-up. Thanks Solene!


Possible correction: on my NV41 (albeit from Nitrokey, not Novacustom) the touchpad does have physical buttons; they are just “beneath the surface” at the bottom, so if you push there you will see that it depresses a bit and then hear a click sound from the physical button being pressed; on screen you’ll see that “pushing” the bottom left does a left click, the bottom middle a middle click and the bottom right a right click (unless the touchpad for Novacustom’s NV41s has a different touchpad from the Nitrokey NV41s, which I doubt).
This works even if you set the touchpad mode to multitouch (where single finger tap is left click, two finger tap is right click and three finger tap is middle click). These buttons are quite useful if you have to select a large area, because you can (physically) press the bottom left area to hold the left mouse button down and then “pull” the selection via normal “finger dragging” across the touchpad.

Good review!


Also, may I ask what command you ran to generate the output for this screenshot for the right-hand terminal?

This is the program neofetch that I installed in dom0. It automatically detect everything as possible and display the system ascii logo along with system information.


Ah, I need to rework the text a bit, because all touchpad works like this at the minimum.

By lack of physical buttons, I mean this (this touchpad can also click on the bottom part)

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PR for nv41 of Nitrokey should be merged soon and past reported problems were reported fixed per current testers.

Nice write-up! I really enjoy your produced content. Keep up the good work and maybe… Saying to you welcome into the participative open source firmware ecosystem :slight_smile:


Which Dasharo firmware is installed on your system?

Due to various bugs in v1.7.2 - 2024-01-03 and v1.7.1 - 2023-11-06, these versions cannot currently be installed via DTS.

Have you installed it for test purposes anyway? :upside_down_face:

I’m using 1.7.1 at the moment, but a new version should be out soon that fix the few issues, I think the new version is beta only and I didn’t have time to join the beta program.

Great job @solene :smiley: I also use this computer from @novacustom and share your opinion.
I recommend this purchase


Version 1.7.1, you mean; version v1.7.2 is the hotfix release in which these bugs have been solved. This one is ready for the update already but my team is still working on the publication.


Thanks for the correction.

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Baldur’s Gate 3, the true test for all laptops :heart_eyes:

It’s slow paced, popular and I owned it so I had to try :smiley: It’s actually playable in these conditions (not the best though, but playable).

I need to try the external GPU with Qubes OS now :smile:


Look good, however, the lack of Thinkpad-style trackpoint makes me hesitate. I got too much used to using a trackpoint on my keyboard’s home row, that I can’t even imagine how I could go back to using trackpads.


Same here, almost didn’t buy one because no trackpoint. I did though. Didn’t take long to get used to it.


So how could you let go of the trackpoint? Doesn’t it bug you that its not “there”?

@solene does the suspend/resume work as expected on QubesOS when you close/open the laptop lid?

I tested it for you, I’ll add it to the review.

It works as expected, when you close it goes in standby and when you open the lid it resumes.

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@solene or other nv41 owners. Do you find that the keyboard flexes at much? I was looking at a video of the larger NS51 (7min 53sec) where they show some forced flex.