No Such Property template_for_dispvms

I know there is another recent topic about this, but seems to be for printer.

I try to make disposable qube for Firefox instead of Tor with customized settings. I do not want to use original fedora-34 template and disposable in case I need to delete things and since I am “corrupting” new template by giving it temporary network access to install xpis in firefox. I cloned the fedora-34 template, renamed clone to fedora-34-mod, and made modifications to firefox in the new template. I could have done this by downloading the xpis in a disposable template, moving them over, and not touching the template, but js was disabled so maybe it’s not really bad.

now i have a new template called fedora-34-mod and when i am using qvm-prefs to make it disposable, i keep getting this error. And yes I capitalize True and checked documentation for many time.

qvm-prefs: error: no such property: ‘template_for_dispvms’

what am i do wrong?

command was
qvm-prefs fedora-34-mod template_for_dispvms True

Which Qubes version are you using?

Note that the private volume is not inherited by the AppVMs, so they will loose the customizations.

4.1 R4.1

I installed 4.1R4.1 and it took some time and I was finally done. 4.1 was released 8 minutes after my install.

How can I get a disposable VM for Firefox where I have certain stuff in Firefox that I like, such as plugins, different settings, other stuff, and then it’s disposuble?

It’s hard to use internet without js and so i’m running lots of js, i can’t check it all, i want to have a disposible qube with custom settings that isn’t the main Fedora-34 disposuble qube where I can run Firefox, let it run whatever evil js it wants to, and then just delete the qube after.

Fedora also will not update at all now. this ads another peace to a puzzle

the problem is it will not let me create the disposuble

i do not want to alter my fedora-34 and so i created a cloned fedora-34

qubes won’t let me do anything with the clone

You can try to turn a qube into disposable template in its settings, by checking “Disposable template” in Advanced tab. Then, you should be able to create disposable VMs based on it. AFAIK it may not work with TemplateVMs, you should first create an AppVM from the template and make the latter disposable template.

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this may be solution. i try


many error with update of fedora-34

also read somewhere i don’t have to do anything to make 4.1r4.1 go 4.1, but when i read about, it still say 4.1r4.1. why

You should create another topic for that, so the Community can try to help you. Make sure to show which errors you get.

Please also create a new topic about it.

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It works! Your a genius!