Problem while creating disposable template

I am using this documentation Disposable customization | Qubes OS
when I write this comman

qvm-prefs fedora-26-dvm template_for_dispvms True

my output is

usage : qvm-prefs [--verbose]  [--quiet] [--help-properties]
[--hide-default] [--get] [--set]  [--default]
qvm-prefs: error: no such property: 'template_for_dispvms'

How to solve this problem?

Sorry, I haven’t read it carefully! Do you use standalone VM for a template for dvm in Qubes 4.0.x maybe? If yes, it’s not possible.

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What type of VM is fedora-26-dvm? It needs to be an appVM that is based on a standard template VM. You can’t create a disposable VM template from a standalone VM or a standard template VM.

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I am using qubes 4.0.4
I have installed fresh template using this guide.

Ok. When you create fresh template, named for instance fedora-26, now you have to create disposable template named for instance fedora-26-dvm:

[user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-create --template fedora-26 --label red fedora-26-dvm
[user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-prefs fedora-26-dvm template_for_dispvms True
[user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-features fedora-26-dvm appmenus-dispvm 1


@gg11331 To clarify… a disposable template is not an actual template. It’s an appVM that has certain properties that allow it to function in manner that is similar to a template.

In other words, you can’t use an actual template as the basis for a disposable template. You need to create a regular appVM (based on a template). Then configure the properties of that appVM so it functions as a “disposable template”. Hope that makes sense. Just follow @enmus’s advise. He’s got you covered.


There is no technical reason why you can’t do it in principle. I wish it was possible.


Solved Thanks …

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