No position in Dom0/Thunar popup "copy to other VM"

When I try to copy file in Thunar from dom0 to the other VM there is no “copy to other VM” popup. The popup shows in the other non - dom0 VMs. Is there the way to turn on copying functionality in Thunar ? I would rather use Thunar instead of qvm-copy or qvm-copy-to-vm from terminal.

Thanks in advance.

Dom0 is special and such copying is discouraged for security reasons (as explained here). This is why it’s made deliberately more complicated.

In general copying to dom0 however copying from dom0 should be ok. As I understand from above howto there is nothing wrong in copying from more secure to the less secure. I see a dom0 as more or even - the most secure.

Do you need to frequently copy files from dom0? What is the use case? Are those screenshots?
See also: How to move screenshot from dom0 to appVM?.

Well, it is exactly the same issue. I’m making a lot of screenshots in dom0 and I need to copy some of them easily. So I open Thunar with directory where the screenshots are being stored and I’m stuck there unable to to do anything besides browsing them in the terminal and doing qvm-copy on each one or tar/zip archive and qvm-copy them.

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I believe it would be wrong to implement menu items in dom0 Thunar just to copy screenshots – because hopefully soon there should appear a dedicated screenshot tool for that and because such copying should not be encouraged anyway.

Meanwhile, you can try to use a Cron job in dom0 as a workaround. See for details this and this. I’m no expert, so unfortunately can’t help with the exact scripts.

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There isn’t anything built-in, but you can create a custom menu action in thunar:

Thunar file manager > Edit > Configure custom actions…

It is very straightforward to create a menu item to copy to a fixed VM, though I don’t know how to bring up the VM picker. (Or just have one menu item per commonly-used destination VM, there’s your “picker”).


Did you actually made one for your Thunar?
Because I created a custom copy-to-vm action long time ago, and still can’t find related menu item anywhere.

my test action qvm-copy-to-vm myvm %F appears in my right-click menu and works.

Sorry, I had to be specific that I replied on this, not on the bracketed text.

Make sure “Appearance Conditions” checkboxes are selected?

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And it was confirmed again. If you ask, you might get an answer. But if you don’t, you won’t get it for sure, hahah. Thanks!

I’m afraid that doing some custom modifications in dom0 can be hard to maintain as dom0 is a part of Qubes. In simple words all these modifications can be overwritten during the update.

This topic is not about modification of dom0. Actually, it’s not about modification at all?