How to move screenshot from dom0 to appVM?

Hello a dummy user here, i’m a completely dumb linux user who always rely for help from others and will compile qubes-os for dummy guides for others dummies like me.

problem, taking a screenshot to be posted here

press ‘Prt Scr’ button on keyboard then ‘save’ it into pictures folder in dom0
meanwhile at ‘APPVM Tor’ press upload button in forum but the file isn’t there ??

Question in ‘APPVM Tor’ where is that screenshot file ?

APPVM Tor is a TOR browser inside domain disposable whonix ws 15.

Hi, welcome to the community! All of us had to learn many things, so it’s totally fine that you are asking! Here is the answer:

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There are plans to make this easier in the future:

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I’m very glad many reply to my post. for a dummy user like me it’s not a simple task to understand that line qvm-copy-to-vm code, however i finally success to copy 1 file into disposable vm.

it will be more easy for me if it just right click send to vm but after doing that line of code i felt 1 minute smarter today. anyway thank you.

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Actually, this is exactly how you normally copy files between VMs. However, dom0 is special and such copying is discouraged for security reasons (as explained in my link). This is why it’s made deliberately more complicated.

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