No internet outside of sys-net on laptop

I’ve looked and looked but can’t find an answer. I installed Qubes OS on my laptop and no internet. Even Dom0 didn’t see it. Finally I had to watch a YouTube video on installing on a laptop and had to switch my network controller over in sys-net Qubes setting.
My question is is there something else im suppose to do to connect my internet

P.S. I don’t know exactly but I think my sys-net and sys-firewall aren’t connect either.

P.S.S. im not able to open up fire fox with sys-net either.

Dom0 should not have the Internet by design. It is only used to manage VMs for the purposes of security through isolation.

You should not do it, since sys-net is only used to provide the network connection to other VMs for the same reason (via sys-firewall).

Not sure what you mean here. Could you be more specific?

See also: Unable to Access Internet (New User)

Maybe post a screenshot of your Qube Manager, with the NetVM column? Or copy and paste the output of running qvm-ls in dom0 (the clipboard icon in the dom0 system tray should have an option to copy the dom0 clipboard)?

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ive figured it out. Honestly I earned my name Noob with this one ha. I had networking on sys-net put to sys-usb. I didn’t know networking on sys-net was suppose to be set to none.

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yeah so sys-net networking was suppose to be set to none. I had it set to sys-usb.
I was little confused on the wording when in the Qubes documentation it was explains how everything is connected

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