No internet connection

Good evening guys, can you tell me? My qubes is loaded onto an external hard drive. I always boot from it and everything works fine, including the Internet. Only yesterday everything was fine. Today I went in, there is no red Internet icon in the upper right corner. There is no internet, it has disappeared. In the bios settings everything is fine vtd is enabled. Yesterday I downloaded the monero blockchain to this hard drive, maybe because of this? Because I didn’t do anything else. Maybe who knows what the reason might be? There is no boarding school at all, usually it immediately pops up and connects.

Is this the same every reboot? Did you try to reboot sys-net?

I hope you didn’t download it into the sys-net VM – if not, it shouldn’t be the reason.

What do logs of sys-net say? You can find them in the Qube Manager on the right click.

See also: Wi-Fi networks sometimes disappear on resume.

Thanks for the answer, yes, maybe I installed it there in sys net. Reinstalled qubes everything is fine. I did a default debean, now another problem is all the icons on the top panel have disappeared. And so everything works.