New to Qubes. How to connect to WiFi on 4.0.4 on Thinkpad L15 Gen 1

I’ve been trying to connect to wifi by opening sys-net, rightclicking the red network icon that appears when sys-net is open. clicking edit connections and manually adding the wifi details (ssid and pwd). This did not work.

Ive also tried following Qubes OS: Connect to Wi-Fi or Ethernet or another network – but it is for an old qubes version and no longer appears to work. I can’t find a place where I can see available wifi networks anywhere

During install I enabled the whonix option idk if that is relevant

You have to click on it, not to right-click.

I already tried that but it only showed Ethernet network and VPN connection. After reinstalling qubes everything seems to work as it should and now available wifi networks show up

Upon further testing I have narrowed down the issue to changing the template of sys-net from fedora-32 to debian-10 which causes all wifi networks to disappear