Network Routing

can any one guide or help on how to configure as below in QUBES OS
Sys-net—>sys-firewall—>sys-whonix—>vpn-whonix-Hongkong —>anonvpn-research

Thank you

Setup each individual appvm, in its settings ensure you check “provides network” and points to the next VM in your chain, its unclear what function the VPNs after sys-whonix are, however sys-net needs to be last in the chain. I’d suggest you edit your post to include in parentheses after each appvm name the connection mechanism. Remember that sys-net exclusively has access to the your network and all other vpn appvms are equivalent (therefore replace) sys-firewall, so this probably makes more sense:

sys-vpn (hongkong) → sys-whonix (tor) → sys-net (isp)

Where you’re using your vpn over Tor:


sys-whonix (tor) → sys-vpn (hongkong) → sys-net (isp)

Where you’re using Tor over your VPN

sys-vpn2 (openvpn) → sys-vpn (sys-whonix (tor) → sys-vpn1 (openvpn) → sys-net (isp)

Where you’re using a VPN before and after Tor, which is probably very counter productive.

Check out the docs for specific guides to setup each of these appvm’s and test them before interconnecting them would be my advice.


@AbusiveHeathenry Thank you so much. I will test and let you know the results.

It would be really appreciated if you can share any documents

If properly set, it should work without any tests. It’s a common routine chaining VMs like this. Keep this in mind if it doesn’t.

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Also, the Tor project: Can I use a VPN with Tor? | Tor Project | Support -
Generally speaking, we don’t recommend using a VPN with Tor unless
you’re an advanced user who knows how to configure both in a way that
doesn’t compromise your privacy.

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