Need help related ip leak on qubes os 🤯

Hi i finally able to install qubes had to buy an ssd to finally install it but to my horrors when i opened the qube firefox and seen that i can see my ip adress without a hinch qubes didnt hide my real ip adress ??

Am i missing something? How it will hide my ip while i m surfing the internet I thought the point is being anonymous i m nt sure if this is how its gonna be
Please :pray: guide me a new on qubes so will really appreciate the helping hand

  1. How to surf anonymously on internet with qubes
  2. How i add a vpn it’s saying not available or installed
    Can some1 help me with step by step baby instructions and if possible a screenshot on how to take care of this

Qubes OS is providing security and not anonymity.

Use Whonix qubes.

You can search the forum, there ar ea lot of guides on how to set up and use VPN in Qubes OS.

Check out this forum post. Or if you already installed the Whonix template at installation (You likely did it). Use Tor Browser in the anon-workstation Qube.

This depends on which VPN you want to use. I suggest the same as apparatus did. Search the forum like this.

hi i m seeing it hard to find how i can download any vpn iso to add to my qubes vault am i miising something? Mullvad VPN I m trying to install but need its template its been a headache that i cant find a way to get the template so i can install it

Which guide did you try to follow?
Write more details of what issues do you have with it and post it in that guide’s topic.

It was way above my cup of tea as new to qubes i watched this video on the requirement i have but he didn’t mention how to get the vpn iso template i need to install mullvad vpn and mullvad browser searched the internet as well as youtube no direct simple explanation all coding gibrish i need simple step by step guide is this too much to ask ? Not all are super coding geeks 99% are average human beings average joes even if some have extra minds whom are new to this but without proper guidelines its even a hard part to make thier brain cells dead
I only want 2 things

  1. Install mullvad vpn
  2. Install mullvad browser
    I m nt trying to make people mad but only trying to mention that not all are coders

You can try this if you’re looking for an easy way:

Any help in how to fix this ?

Select the whonix-gateway-17 line in the finished Qubes OS Update window to see the details and check what errors did you have.

It says how to fix. Run upgrade-nonroot

How i select the update non root i been trying to do that as well