My first workable i2p in Qubes

There are doers and talkers (bullshit walks!). A lot of talk about i2p on Qubes forums with no real good info. Yes there are “legends” but they don’t spill the beans… to the commoners. Consider this a recruiting ad and enter at your own risk! To keep out the riff-raff this is the only info you get.

These simple tips will set you up with a decoy i2pd and a surprise i2p+ Java.

  1. Clone the Template for Net-Vm and install the newest i2pd (2.36.0 at this time). This latest i2pd includes Yggdrasil so enable ipv6. Use Links browser to see if it is working. For Fedora lazy users you can use supervillain i2pd supervillain/i2pd Copr
    In this setup i2pd is a decoy so don’t go wild with activities… Maybe some browsing!

  2. For your main activities will use i2p+ Java.

a. You need to create a simple Template with an ISO install. The surprise part is FirewallD (drop). Yes it works in Qubes and the simplest way to use is not to have Qubes core functions accessible for this Template. So the template should contain: Firewalld, OpenJDK, Links, Icecat (other browsers and i2p+ optional).
b. Create a Debian or Fedora VM called i2p-Torrents (100 GB SSD)! Check provides network but you will only “hot” connect it to a dedicated firewall-VM (with traffic analysis optional) to get the EUI64 and other ipv6 info.
c. Change the i2p-Torrents Template to your created ISO template. If you did not include i2p+ in your ISO template it is time to download and install in i2p-Torrents. Your Snark (torrent client path) should be on the 100 GB SSD.

Be patient there is a long learning curve.


Thank you Qubes Cavalery for riding in and saving the day! Hope you stick around for a while.

Here is why:
The official java router has been a piece of crap for while. A bunch of bots with Swiss IPs and US(software) have been creating a lot of problems (bias and other).

I’m not requesting more but if you are new to i2p and want to enjoy the i2p+ here are some speeding up tips (at the expense of 1.5 GB of RAM about 1GB extra than your setup).

  1. Modify the wrapper.config file from the i2p+ directory

  2. Add Retroshare flatpack/flathub or AppImage. Stay away from repos (for configuration use hidden node Tor/i2p). Settings → hidden service configuration → outgoing manual Tor/i2p and Incomming (self explanatory only use instead of the http).

  3. Add 2 “LARGE IN GB” Snark torrents with many seeders and different genre (pop and metal for example)

There are many other tips but you can always ask on the i2p network!

I’ll leave you with the funny words of a “mediocre software writter”

New fleet of i2pd 0.9.46 routers @ zzz.i2p

If you started running a whole lot of i2pd 0.9.46 routers around the world, as of a couple of days ago, please contact me or orignal and let us know what you’re up to. Doesn’t look malicious, but it would be nice if you let us know. Thanks.

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