Missing xfce4-panel - Desktop Header

Guys, please kindly help,

Qubes Version 4.1
Issue: Missing Qubes OS Header, the one at the top of OS screen,
the one that contains Q menu button, workspace selection, notification area, & several icons.

I was busy with LibreOffice Calc in the Vault VM.
When I wanted to shutdown, I realize that the Qubes OS Header is missing.

The keyboard and touch pad still function properly.
I can move the arrow, all the function button also can work properly, Fn + F7 can show Dom0 Display setting, pushing the power button can give options to shutdown, restart, or logout from Qubes, and so on.

After several times restart, the header still missing.
did I accidentally press something ? or is there error ?

So, please kindly help, thanks a lot

I still can open Application Finder via ALT+F3.
Open Qubes Manager via Application Finder / touch pad right click, to start any VM.
Also open dom0 terminal emulator via Application Finder / touch pad right click.
Start any VM via touch pad right click.

Perhaps you’ve deleted that panel.
Check your Settings → Panel (you can run settings via Alt + F3).

If it’s indeed missing just create new one and add needed items on it.

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Do you mean Settings Editor ? or settings manager panel ?

When i click on Settings Manager - Panel, it said “failed to show preferences dialog” and “GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: the name is not activatable”

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thanks, solution:

If you try to change the background color of the panel to an image, it seems to crash every time and you can only get it back by manually changing the configuration back to solid color in the config file. the xfce panel is just buggy… :frowning: