Media Test Error

I get this error when selecting test media and install Qubes 4.2, on a brand new USB stick, does anyone know what’s causing it?

Verify if your ISO is corrupted or not:

Then write the ISO on your USB stick once again as described in guide:

Then re-verify installation media after writing:

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I recently installed 4.2 and no matter what usb drive I used, they all failed the pre-install test around 5%. After several downloads/torrents and writing to/booting several more USB 2 and USB 3 drives of different manufacturers/sizes, I decided the test was broken and went ahead with the install.

So far so good.


I’ve just tried to write the Qubes OS R4.2 ISO on my 8 GB USB drive using dd, boot from it and test the media and it didn’t give me an error.

My download that fails the media test was via the qubes-os hosted torrent file (downloaded several times), since downloading it via torrent several times was faster than via the direct link… Was yours via torrent or direct download

I downloaded it directly.
Did you verify the hash of the downloaded file?

Have you verified the checksum (also know as; digest, hash) of the file you downloaded?

If the checksum is correct, then mabye the error / mistake happens while creating the installation media rather that during the download.

(Whether it’s a torrent or a direct download doesn’t matter as long as the file you get does match the checksums provided and signed by the Qubes OS team.)

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