Black Screen After USB Installation

I cant even get past the reboot after install completion. I’ve tried custom partitioning, automatic partitioning, Standard, LVM, Thin LVM. Not encrypting, encrypting.

It simply wont make it past. I do a complete wipe when I partition.

I downloaded straight from Qubes-OS, the new 4.2.0, bought an additional 64gb memorex flash drive just to have Qubes on it. (DD Image mode, ISO wont work). At first I’d get “failed to read block 0x28582938 whatever” and my screen would just get spammed. Now I dont even get that no more I just leave it sit, its just a black screen “_” in the top left blinking. 5 minutes later my PC will turn off, restart and i get sent straight to bios after unplugging my USB when its off. (I have also tried unplugging my USB on the black screen and also a couple seconds after hitting complete on the install screen)

There was one time when I tried Standard Partitioning i let it sit for a few minutes and got this error message I hadnt seen before. (Attached a pic)

I honestly dont know what the problem is. Secure boot is disabled

(secure boot enabled I get
error: shim_lock protocol not found
error: you need to load the kernel first error
error: you need to load the kernel first error

Press any key to continue…)

I had no issue installing Debian with custom partitioning from my 128gb memorex usb.

Any ideas? My PC isnt even a few months old. Just had debian bookworm on it. 4070ti 32gb of ram z690 msi motherboard, intel i7. Cant see it being a hardware issue.

Your install media is corrupted.
Check if your ISO is downloaded correctly and your install media is written correctly: