Make an online movie [in browser] to play correctly

If I’m trying to see an online movie it will be slowly and unwatchable.
What can I do in order to be able to see online movies?

If you need to view video in browser, you can use

  • chromium
  • firefox-esr-78
  • firefox-esr-91 with gfx.webrender.force-disabled := True (about:support must show compositing = Basic).

If you’re using debian, then currently only the last one receives timely security updates.


Worked. Thank you

This setting is not available (anymore?). And as far as I can tell it is about to get removed in future version anyway. So… are there other suggestions on how to tackle bad performing videos in browser movies?

This setting is not available (anymore?).

Yeah. it only works in older versions (like the current firefox-esr).

For the latest firefox, try downloading Firefox from mozilla instead of the debian-packaged version. For some videos mozilla’s build has noticeably lower CPU usage than the debian build, even same version number (!?).

I could not even find it in 91.5 (iirc), so the current esr version in debian-11 :thinking:

Well… I guess it is worth a try for the time being, but still… I am wondering how this will end eventually :cry:

I just checked and the flag is effective in firefox 91.5.0esr (debian-bullseye).

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Thanks a lot for coming back! I just did not see it… but, of course, you are totally right, it is there on this version :grin:

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