4k videos in browser and software rendering

Hey all,

since I use Qubes what I am struggling most with is the missing gpu hardware acceleration. I saw most people think of games when this topic is brought up, but really I am talking about watching videos in 4k, having video conferences that just work or using slicer software for my 3D printer - everyday requirements. Anyway, I found solutions for most of these issues, tackling the limitations of the missing hardware passthrough.

I am writing this post, because my solution for watching 4k videos on youtube was following this post in the forum. It was noted there that using firefox-esr 91 with gfx.webrender.force-disabled := True works fine - and it did! Now the new firefox-esr rolled out in Debian, which does not have this option anymore.

Question is… what options do I have? Am I the only one who wants to fully use their 2021 hardware and enjoy watching 4k movies? Doesn’t it bother anyone else or is there a solution I just don’t know yet?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

I stopped using FF because of performance issues.

You can try Brave and see how it handles video, for me both streaming video and using JS intensive websites perform a lot better in chromium.

Try to use mpv to play videos (e.g. mpv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXb3EKWsInQ), I heard it might work better.

Thanks for your help! Brave did not change the behaviour for me, unfortunately. The tipp with mpv surely is a solution for looking specific Youtube videos but not everyday use, but I keep it in mind!

I try to further investigate the problem and try some things…

Okay after some testing going back and forth, I will probably stick to firefox on a Arch Linux qube. While I know that this is not a solution for most people, I just wanted the future reader to know that this currently works best for me.

As I am using the Arch Linux template for a lot of stuff anyway, I am surprised that I did not find this solution suitable before… I do not know what the problem with Fedoras and Debians Firefox is though.

It’s probably the build flags (on debian FF is probably built without certain optimizations). Thanks for the tip by the way! Although I won’t be able to use Arch due to no onion services support in pacman.

It bothers me too much, but my security bothers me the most.