Mac OS in HVM

So I don’t really care for Macs in general, but I know apple appeals to many people due to its certain features and GUI. For this reason I tried to install a Mac OS in a standalone HVM. So I booted the VM from the installation disk only to be met with this:

I did this twice once with Mac OS X Snow Leopard:

And once with Mac OS X, which had two install disks, I have no idea why.

I’m assuming this is a hardware issue, since apple makes most of its own hardware. Am I correct in assuming this, or am I missing something? And if I’m right is there a workaround?

This operating system isn’t meant to be used on other hardware than Apple’s. There are projects such as Hackintosh (I don’t know if this still exists, and it’s not really legal) that used to work on Xeon CPUs but not very well.

Okay, That’s Kinda what I figured. Thanks for the response!

I remember I used to use Mac OS in Virtualbox:

@tempmail Does Virtualbox handle the hardware emulation, or was that something you did manually?

I can’t recall I took any extra steps manually, which could be confirmed by the comparison table I linked to which says Virtualbox supports macos as a guest, while Xen does not.

Okay, Thanks.