Luks aes256 issue at install encrypted partition not recognized

so i’ve followed this guide Custom Installation | Qubes OS
(as i have done before and had no issue)
only now i’m back at the setup at stage 7 but my unknown partitions don’t show as encrypted
only as unknown (nvme0n1p1 and p2) one of 1g for swap and another with 400gb for everything else the lvm’s
partition 2 should be encrypted and it is in the regards that i can open the consule and everything should work right

but i’m getting no option to decrypt from the setup
(this is my second attempt btw i wiped the disk i made 2 new partitions with fdisk(gpt not that it should matter just giving as much info as possible))

when thinking about it today i did not “activate” format thoes partitions
unlike the first time i installed qubes which i have
so i guess i’ll try everything again but i don’t think this should matter right?

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yes that solved it just in case anyone else have fututre issues

at first btw the installer did not accept my password but after googeling and a restart everything was fine -until late on which is the matter of another post