Install stuck on installing boot loader

after Luks aes256 issue at install encrypted partition not recognized

the install goes on but suddenly i got a error
with the bootloader not being installed i clicked no to i assume try again and now the install is stuck on installing boot loader
i’ll be restarting it now and see what i can do but if this is a comon issue or anyone can help…
thanks a head

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anyone? 9 views so far…
i tested the instal media and it was corrupt i did evrything again and still have this issue

i see that some on the internet did have the same issue and it does relate to luks 256 bit aes but i’ve seen nothing conclusive or consistant

i’ll keep on trying but if anyoner has any idea what might be the cause
or if there is a simple solution such as to easily install the bootloader after everything else is… well i’ll appriciate any support

(renamed the post for clarity)

I had the same problem. In my case, for some reason UEFI didn’t work for qubes on my laptop. I ended up adding a BIOS Boot partition and booting in legacy mode.