LibreOffice Causes Warning: This VM has attempted to create a very large window

Ok, so I don’t know why but for some reason “libreoffice” no matter what i open goes to full screen and i get this message…

WARNING(appvm): This VM has attempted to create a very large window in a matter that would have prevented you from closing and regaining the control Qubes OS graphical user interface…

As a protection measure the “override_redirect” flag of the window in question has been “unset”…

it goes on to where i need to tell me to set (override_redirect_protection) to “false”…

So should I it to false (and if i set to “false” what can I expect or is there a fix to stop libreoffice from goimg to “full screen”?

Thank you for your time

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Amazing Libreoffice was working just fine till a update. And i only have a single monitor for my qubes system. I’ll just keep clicking the pop-up till this bug is fixed.

This does depend on versioning. Also, it seems to me that the warning is
not related to the size of the visible libreoffice window that will open.

Thanks uman. As soon as I get a chance i will post what version of libreoffice.
It strange i go to launch any libreoffice app and it just max’s itself out upon launching and then that “warning” appears, then i click this warning and manually resize the window. As long as I keep that appvm running and open any other libreoffice app the warning does not appear BUT the window size is maxed out and i have to resize…once I shut the appvm down and relaunch again any libreoffice app it starts all over with the warning and again resizing

Ok, for what it’s worth…
I have LibreOffice
Build ID…1.6.5-3+deb10u7 - no warning.

GREAT! Thanks unman, i’ll upgrade

I have posted solution that worked for me: Libreoffice in qubes full vs non-full screen mode - #8 by kate.mason

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In case someone comes here with an similar issue, like the one I had a few days ago: Running a windows 7 VM with the Seamless mode (where all apps open in their own windows), Microsoft Office apps did exactly the same thing. And you couldn’t get anything useful by manually resizing the windows, either–it would shove the document off one edge of the smaller window if you resized.

The solution was to disable seamless mode temporarily, manually resize the window there, then go back to seamless, after which it behaved. Also, it’d behave the next time you opened that application (but excel wouldn’t remember what word did and vice versa, so had to be done separately for each).

Wait, you got Office newer than 2010 to work properly in seamless mode?

Nope, this is office 2003. In order to install it I had to read cuneiform instructions that came with the clay tablet DVD ROM

I am a ribbon refusenik.