Warning Message from Qubes RPC

Hello there.
I have a storage VM which is used to store my files. I have set it up to open almost every file type here in a named dispVM (filer) which arise from a offline dvm template. I have allowed it to open files by default.
So my RPC policy is kind of

qubes.OpenInVM  *  storage  filer  allow

Recently I am seeing a warning note whenever I try to open files from storage-

WARNING(filer): This VM has attempted to create a ...
As a protection measure, the "override_redirect" flag of t...
This message will only appear once per VM per session. ...

I have set file opening to other vm with help of Micah lee blog post.
What is message all about. Am I doing something security weakening steps here?

Take a look at this issue:

Specifically, this linked commit message:

m-v-b authored and marmarek committed on May 17

xside: Introduce override_redirect protection

Prior to this commit, an application (malicious or not) could create
a very large window with the override_redirect attribute set. If the
window in question was large enough to prevent the user from interacting
with the window manager and/or Qubes OS widgets, it was impossible to
terminate the application and/or the hosting VM via regular means.

Hence, this commit introduces a simple protection measure against very
large windows that have the override_redirect attribute set. The
protection works by unsetting the override_redirect attribute for
windows that attempt to cover more than 90% of the screen. Doing so
allows the user to move and/or minimize the windows in question.

When the protection takes effect for the first time, the user is warned
once with a persistent notification about what just happened and is
informed of a way to disable this protection on a per-VM basis.
(“persistent” notifications need to be clicked on to be dismissed.)

The protection feature can be disabled via /etc/qubes/guid.conf in dom0,
and this commit introduces an example in the aforementioned file along
with an explanation to help users.

(cherry picked from commit 8d2f822)


Ok, What I think about it now is that libreoffice is mostly the application which cause this warning. And it’s good to have this warning shown in comparison to not having it, so I think warning should be in complete sentence, not like these dots…
And It should be in more end user friendly, which may or may not be tech person.

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