Librem Key use

I installed “Nitro Key App” on Mint 20.2, Lenovo X230 with standard BIOS/EFI (Intel.)

At first I tried installing by pasting commands into Terminal. Finally I used Snapd.

There is a note with install that 'Nitro Key App." does not work with Nitro Key 3 (which the Librem Key is a modified version of.)

I am not using Heads or Luks Disk Encryption with Librem Key, I wanted to test the Personal Safe, which seems to work.

I also wanted to test creating PGP keys with Librem Key, using what I understand is a Entropy Pool that is associated with Librem Key, rather than the pool which depends on Intel Firmware on the MOBO.

I am concerned with updates to the ‘Nitro Key App,’ in that it represents a way find all my passwords. That is features, complexities in software can make it less secure. Auto updates, or just making it known that there is an Update does not indicate to me I should consider not accepting the update.

There is a Post; Accessing a Librem Key I suspect that as that post is older, some of that is not relevant to the later versions of software, Qubes 41, “Nitro Key App.” So I did not post there.

Perhaps this might be relevant: