Accessing a Librem Key

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I’m running Qubes on a Librem Mini and want to interact with my Librem Key USB security card/token. With the Librem Key plugged into a USB port, from the Devices icon drop-down I can see the Librem Key listed as a USB device but not a block device (as I can with a USB flash drive).

I can attach my Librem Key to a Qube but can’t mount it (no USB block device designation).

Here’s where things break: When I run “gpg --card-status” on a Qube to which I’ve attached my Librem Key, I get the message “No such device”.

So how does one use a Librem Key with Qubes?

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This sounds like the issue I had with my Yubikey.
Did you make a sys-usb (USB Qubes)?

Hi! Thanks for the reply.

Yep, I did follow those instructions to set up my sys-usb USB Qube after my Qubes installation. And I have no problem accessing USB flash drives. They show up not only as a USB device, but also as a block device, and give me a device access path - for example, /dev/sda1. And I can successfully mount such a USB flash drive to my filesystem in a Qube, and move files to and from the flash drive.

The problem I’m having only occurs with my Librem Key. Not only does it not show up as a block device as a USB flash drive does, but even after attaching the USB Librem Key to a Qube, the “gpg --card-status” command fails to find the Librem Key.


Maybe this helps:


10 Sep 2020, 20:12 by

whoami, thanks for the reference.

Alas, still no luck. pcsc_scan isn’t seeing my Librem Key when I insert, remove, attach to VM, or detach from VM. And opensc-tool still says “No smart card readers found.”


This solves my Yubico Authenticator issue:
in Template VM (in my case fedora-32):
sudo dnf install opensc ccid pcsc-lite pcsc-tools
enable the systemd process daemon :
sudo systemctl enable pcscd # enable at boot
sudo systemctl start pcscd # start the process
sudo systemctl status pcscd # verify the status

I cannot test it for your librem key but maybe this works for you too.

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Thank you whoami. This worked for my Librem Key.

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