Level of discourse

I take strong issue with the level of discourse here. Users of Qubes OS ranges from neophytes to professionals and can often include journalists, human rights workers, and other non-IT specialist workers that need the protection Qubes OS provides. It is not for us to judge the validity of one’s requests and needs but provide the support where we can.

Without commenting or speculating further on this particular conversation, this can have a chilling effect on other legitimate users that need help and may suffer a “nation-state level attack”. Were Jamal Khashoggi to have requested help here - would we have ridiculed them or given them the guidance they needed?


@corbeaucrypto you make a good point that deserves it’s own thread in Forum Feedback.


Know what @cayce takes :mechanical_arm: STRONG :mechanical_arm: issue with?

Users invoking the dead for clout. Abhorrently unnecessary & shameful, downright bloody shameful!

Know what else @cayce takes :mechanical_arm: STRONG :mechanical_arm: issue with? Noise/feelings being valued above factual, technical signal resulting in the suppression of the information being begged for.

Know another point @cayce takes :mechanical_arm: STRONG :mechanical_arm: issue with? Mods neutering posts containing LOADS of sound advice & recommendations based on experience of the exact sort that you’re essentially requesting & so many seem to feel entitled to yet, can’t move beyond their own ego to consume!

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Ehhh I don’t really know if the OP of that thread was being too paranoid or not, but obviously yelling at her over the Internet isn’t going to change her behavior. You’re free to disagree with anyone and hold strong opinions, but ridiculing people with memes feels quite immature and adds no value to your points. If anything, they undermine your points, so any future readers you want to genuinely consider your opinions may feel put off. And honestly it’s hard to understand what exactly you’re saying over the aggressive tone and vague references – but I only skimmed.

For a hypothetical situation, that thread sure did attract some heat.

No diggity, :zap: shocking :zap: how pseudo-scur’dity theatre has that effect, init?

Yup, :hugs: happy :hugs: to agree to disagree!

By taking into account the information OP provided paired with their inability to provide ANY shred of factual evidence coupled with their technically empty “I’m special” diatribe with (a bit more than) a dash of having been down the road of many a false-positive “incidents” thrown in, future readers may very well be interested in why their “story” doesn’t pass the muster.

I must have missed all the “yelling” done, mind sharing an example? Or, do you mean capitalization of single words used for emphasis?

“Pictures are worth a thousand words.” Unless accompanied by a wire transfer, any and all attempts to dictate how another wishes me to communicate knowledge for free can get kicked to the curb.

You may have interpreted what I shared as “aggressive” yet, IMO direct might be a better term to use, no? Or, maybe harsh could also be appropriate? I wonder if there’s a place in snowflake-land where direct or harsh might be an acceptable response to life threatening danger? OP would like readers to believe they are in a “life or death” situation. Ought we pull up the pampers and play patty-cake? Or, would technical measures which hypothetically might save a life make more sense? You decide. D0h! wait, @mods already did that for you/future readers!

This medium and @mods need to :poop: or get of the pot.

@cayce I simply tried to separate the technical advice you and @unman provided from all the unnecessary drama by ‘hiding’ the later behind a triangle one has to click to see it. This was meant as a courtesy to future readers of the web version. If I have failed in a particular instance just point it out and I’ll fix it.

As far as I am concerned you are all role playing. :wink:



modding notes

Understood and appreciate your efforts.

IMO, the entirety of post #18 would be directly valuable for future users trying to navigate an unknown “incident” and certainly helpful in determining if said “incident” may simply be a false-positive. If you’re hellbent on placating lazy users, I suppose hiding “There’s so much to unpack … simple technical ineptitude” makes sense but, above and below are clearly both helpful & relevant.

Pretty sure the 2nd half (after the “church lady” link/“If that’s not text book dystopian, who’s the naive one?” text) of post #23 is all directly & technically relevant (at least as long as you continue allow the presentation of the other user’s post above).

That’s cool, I think the same of @mods here. :clown_face: :kissing_heart: :clown_face:

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No doubt you feel wounded but this does not raise the tone in any way.
@cayce has explained his position - you could review yours.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

No, I don’t. I feel sad for the world. The internet could have been the most liberating invention the world has ever seen. And in the beginning cypherpunk forums were some amazing places to hang out. The level of discussion the likes of which could rarely be found elsewhere.

Now it has spiraled to such a level of juvenility and dross, the most brilliant minds left long ago.

Our experiences have been completely different.
“In the beginning” @cayce response would have been far more typical,
I think, except for those emojis.
This issue was not a “discussion” - you raised a hypothetical case, but
quickly morphed it in to a support issue. Perhaps you felt the original
approach was necessary given your perceived situation, in which case I
do not understand why you pivoted.

I stand by my initial reply to the situation you outlined - I would not
trust that machine. If you are in the situation you report, and have no
alternative available machine, you must stop what you are doing.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

I simply request that overt malice be avoided where possible on this forum.

yawning response to off-topic umoderated psychosis (edited)

What’s the point of splitting posts w/o the intended goal being achieved?


From my shoes, thus far your response to the dialogue YOU asked for is akin to a proud-boy who’s shot themself in their leg, makes it to the ER but, is going to bleed out because they’re refusing treatment from the staff who happen to have more melanin in their skin than he. But, that’d be his “choice” right? Which, by all means would be just peachy AFAIC.

The way I see things, you’ve a few solid options:

A) Change “it”.
(Or, at a minimum your perceptions/demands/expectations of.)

B) Leave “it”.

C) Quit whining about “it”.

Please, let’s stay civil, dispense with the nonsense, and just stay focused on Qubes and other related topics. That is the only reason people come here.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

With all due respect, this may be the intent but, hardly the reality IMO.

@cayce @Emily

There is one in Preferences > Notifications > Users

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I like popcorn, but please, use this feature. :slight_smile: