Lenovo ThinkPad T450s

ThinkPad T450s
Recommended CPU i7-5600U
Max. memory 20GB (4GB + 1 slot)
USB controllers 2
Coreboot no
Heads no
ME_cleaner no
Qubes OS pre-installed no
Developer tested no
Certified no
HCL reports R4.0

I only found a single HCL report for R4.0. Shouldn’t this machine be removed from the list?
Upd: I see that @adw provided the report. But technically, it breaks the rules of how the machines enter the list…

Technically you are absolutely right.

However, since there are several positive HCLs for R3.2 and a core team member has submitted a positive HCL for 4.0 … I made a judgement call.

I would like to keep it. Especially since I would propose that when we start working on the R4.1 list (as soon as there is a release), we accept any of these two:

a) two positive HCL reports for R4.1
b) was already on the R4.0 list and has one positive report for R4.1

… that will speed up having a usable list as there will inevitably be a window of time where R4.1 is the recommended release but we are still working on the respective “community recommended list”.

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