Lenovo Thinkpad T14 Gen 3 i5-1245U


  • Requires kernel for suspend to work
  • Ethernet controller requires disabling strict reset requirement
  • Integrated camera works
  • Microphone works
  • Wifi works
  • Video works
  • Sound works
  • USB ports work


Qubes-HCL-LENOVO-21AJS4KF06-20231119-061048.cpio.gz (11.4 KB)
Qubes-HCL-LENOVO-21AJS4KF06-20231119-061048.yml (775 Bytes)


Thanks for your report. I just pushed it to the pipeline to be added to the HCL database.


Thank you for HCL and additional info. Can you please fill the detailed report based on this template:

Example of user providing the answers is here. The more information the better, it may be helpful to other users, thank you.


  • Any problems with installation - No
  • Was latest kernel required? - No
  • Were some additional kernel options required? - No

Basic Input

  • Keyboard - works
  • External USB mouse - unchecked
  • Touch-pad - works
  • Touch-pad supports “tap as click” and scrolling with 2 fingers - works
  • Display brightness change shortcuts - works
  • Sound volume shortcuts - works
  • Keyboard led and keyboard brightness change shortcuts - works

Internet and bluetooth

  • Ethernet cable connection - works
  • Ethernet cable connection - unchecked
  • Wifi connection - works out of the box or actions were required? - works
  • Wifi connection - speed, is reliable over the time? - reliable
  • Bluetooth - works out of the box or actions were required? - unchecked
  • Bluetooth - shows devices, connection process works, sound output or copying works. - unchecked


  • Suspend/Resume works **- works after going to BIOS: Config ➜ Power ➜ Sleep State ➜ “Linux”
  • Does resume breaks WiFi, if it does, how to recover it? - works
  • Does resume breaks Bluetooth, if it does, how to recover it? - unchecked

Video [increase VCPU to the qube before test]

  • Fullscreen and windowed video playback of youtube - 720p/1080p/2K/4K in Firefox. Does it drop frames? - Works, does not drop frames
  • Video file playback of file using mpv/mplayer/smplayer - 1080p? Higher resolutions and bitrates? - unchecked
  • Multiple displays configuration works (using available DP/Thunderbolt, HDMI or other video ports - unchecked


  • Speakers (sound playback) (was sys-audio used?) - works with dom0 and sys-audio, but microphone distorted with sys-audio
  • Head-phones via 3.5" jack (works, automatically turns off speakers?) - works
  • Sound output via HDMI - unchecked


  • Are fans silent on idle? - Yes
  • Are fans noisier than on Windows/Linux?. If they are, was thankfan or similar software tried? - unchecked


  • Have you tried running Windows 10 HVM qubes? - Yes, works
  • Does CPU boost seem to be working properly? - unchecked


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