Lenovo Thinkpad T14 Gen 1 AMD

Qubes 4.1 and 4.2 works fine
-Wi-fi works and Dock Station as well-(ish) .
-In 4.1 had to change sys-net qube in Settings>PCI>Device> Option "configure strict Reset for PCI Devices and select Wireless Controller. In 4.2 working well without it.

-Qubes 4.2 in Sleep Mode has noticeable better battery life, and with KDE desktop environment you can change battery profiles.

-When Trying to open qvm Setting it take over 3-4sec, compare to my Stationary Pc is only 1 sec, it can be very noticeable.

-Some time ago I notice Wi-fi drop after sleep Mode, and got some problem with USB,sys-net not turning automaticly ON and hanging after turning On manually.
Problem solved by removing Device from sys-net called

02:00:0 Ethernet controller: Realtec Semiconductor Co., Ltd RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller

But then I lost Ethernet connection thru Dock Station, So I had to put it back
02:00:0 Ethernet controller:
in list of Device always connected to this qubes, and Use Option "configure strict Reset for PCI Devices and select only 02:00:0
for now on that work and no Issues so far.

(I post Configuration that I )
My Bios Setup:

Config > Network

Config > USB
All ON
(All OFF)

Config >Keyboard/mouse

Up to You

Config > Display
UMA Frame Buffer Size -Auto
Boot time - Disabled

Config > Power (Almost all OFF)
Sleep State - Linux
Lid Sensor- ON

Config > Beep and Alarm

Config > HDMI
Mode HDMI 2.0


Security > Fingerprint
All off
Security Mode - Normal

Security > Security Chip
Security Chip -ON
Physical Presence for Clear - ON

Security >UEFI BIOS
Flash BIOS Updating by End User - ON
Rest -OFF

Security > Memory Protection
Execution Prevention - ON

Security > Virtualization
Enhance Windows Bio. - OFF
AMD V™ Techn. - ON

Security > I/O Port Access

Security > Internal Device Access
Up to You

Security > Secure Boot
Secure Boot - ON
Rest Depend on you.

Security > Device Guard
Device Guard - OFF

Security > DASH Config.
DASH Support - OFF

Startup > Boot
Boot Priority Order;
1-Qubes OS
Rest is Excluded to the side

Config > Startup
Network Boot -NVMe0
Option key display OFF
Boot device List F12 - ON
Boot Order - Lock - ON

OS Optimized Defaults - OFF

Maybe that would help someone.

Qubes-HCL-LENOVO-20UES66B00-20240130-175641.yml (1.0 KB)


Thank you for HCL report and additional information. Can you please also fill a detailed report based on this template:

Example of user providing the answers is here. The more information the better, it may be helpful to other users, thank you.

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  • No problems with installation.
  • No latest kernel required.
  • No additional kernel options required.

Basic Input

  • Keyboard- Works
  • External USB mouse [if possible to check]- Works
  • Touch-pad - Works
  • Touch-pad supports “tap as click” and scrolling with 2 fingers works- Works
  • Display brightness change shortcuts- Works
  • Sound volume shortcuts- Works
  • Keyboard led and keyboard brightness change shortcuts- Works
  • Output of xinput --list from terminal of dom0- Not Testes
  • Check if keyboard and/or touchpad is PS/2 connected -N/A

Internet and bluetooth

  • Ethernet cable connection - Works out of the box
  • Ethernet cable connection - Max speed as My IPSN
  • Wifi connection - works out of the box
  • Wifi connection - 230Mbps reliable over the time
  • Bluetooth - Not tested
  • Bluetooth - Not tested


  • Suspend/Resume works - works out of the box
  • Does resume breaks WiFi, - works out of the box
  • Does resume breaks Bluetooth, if it does, how to recover it? - Not tested

Video [increase VCPU to the qube before test]

  • Fullscreen and windowed video playback of youtube - 720p/1080p/2K/4K in Firefox. Does it drop frames? - 720p/1080p-works well 2K/4K- heavy for the browser
  • Video file playback of file using mpv/mplayer/smplayer - 1080p? Higher resolutions and bitrates? - Not tested
  • Multiple displays configuration works (using available DP/Thunderbolt, HDMI or other video ports - Not tested



  • Are fans silent on idle? - Depend how good ventilation you have, It’s audible in warm Place.
  • Are fans noisier than on Windows/Linux?. - Depend on load


  • Have you tried running Windows 10 HVM qubes? - Not tested
  • Does CPU boost seem to be working properly? - Not tested



You can try thinkfan in dom0, maybe you will like it.

Thank you for Idea !
Had no clue there is such a nice tool.
I look at it and I see have no time to tinker, but when this start to irritate me
I would change some Fan qurve.

Right now fan is Audible but not irritating.
I use Power Mode, changes battery/Fan accordingly. (available in KDE)

  • Power saving
  • Balance
  • Performance

Additional settings in KDE give you possibility to change Start-Stop Charging.
You can have Laptop hook up to charger all day and battery will not be charged more then 80%
Or will start to charge when drops to 40%.

Thanks for the report. I just submitted a pull request to merge it to the main repository.

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