Kali LInux Template Desktop Availability

Is it possible to launch the Kali Linux template with a full window desktop? I am able to launch individual binaries which are listed as apps but so far I haven’t been able to launch a full windowed desktop.

I think you could just install the ISO? Otherwise, if you want it as an actual template, then clone debian, add kali repos, install kali packages.

There is already a kali template which can be installed using qvm-template-gui. The only thing is it doesn’t
seem to want to let me boot the kali desktop window.

Interesting. I had thought that you had to install it within a Debian template. Anyways, as far as I knew and have always thought that on Qubes “templates” aren’t launched into desktop windows but are integrated into the main desktop.

yeah you can launch the terminal and individual tools although it would be great to have the entire desktop

Templates cannot start in desktop mode. It doesn’t make sense. The only thing you can do is to install OS from the ISO in a HVm in order to get full desktop VM.

Further reading

There is a hack you can use in any qube.

sudo apt install xfce4 tightvncserver tightvncpasswd tigervnc-viewer
tightvncserver -geometry XxY

If you set ‘geometry’ to your screen dimensions you can set window at full
screen for maximum viewing.
You can, of course, use KDE instead of Xfce for a better experience.

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Hahaha, and now Pandora’s box has been just opened.