Issue with Dell Latitude 5490 Microphone in Qubes OS AppVMs

System Information:
- Laptop Model: Dell Latitude 5490
- Qubes OS Version: 4.2

Description of the Issue:
I am facing an issue with the microphone on my Dell Latitude 5490 in Qubes OS. The inbuilt laptop microphone is detected in the dom0 audio mixer but does not work in individual AppVMs or disposable VMs. This is frustrating as the webcam, which is attached to the AppVMs, works well. The problem seems to be specific to the microphone. It attaches correctly but fails to function. However, audio output works well with both wired earphones and PC speakers.

I have tried searching in this forum and YouTube but none addresses this issue. I have a work call tomorrow and I frustrated coz I don’t know how I will go about it.

I would appreciate any assistance or guidance on resolving this microphone issue in Qubes OS. If anyone has encountered a similar problem or has suggestions for troubleshooting steps, please share your insights. Thank you in advance for your help.

Maybe you need to open the Volume Control in dom0 using the PulseAudio tray icon → Audio Mixer and configure which input device should be used for your qube. Check the “Recording” and “Input Devcies” tabs there.

If it’s important and soon, I’d set up an alternative option before trying to fix Qubes, or test directly beforehand.

My personal experience of not doing this was that it went wrong.

The mic in Volume Control in dom0 works. However, it doesn’t work when attached to appVM.

What I mean is maybe you have multiple input devices in “Input Devices” tab e.g. internal microphone device and HDMI device. And in “Recording” tab your qube is configured to use the HDMI device instead of internal microphone.

Thanks. I guess I will have to use my wife’s PC as a temporary measure since tomorrow’s a Saturday here.

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