Audio - microphone not picked up by Zoom/Teams

Got caught out on my first web call - thought I’d tested it well enough, but no.

  1. pavucontrol in the app qube - shows the mic level changing as expected.
  2. Zoom test call in the browser - you speak into the mic and then it plays it back. Worked as expected.
  3. Zoom app audio settings - show the mic level changing as expected.
  4. Zoom test call in the app - webcam+speakers OK; expect to hear mic clip played back, but nothing.
  5. Zoom real call in the app - I can hear them; they can’t hear me.
  6. Teams call in the browser (fresh disp vm, PCI device attached) - I can hear them; they can’t hear me.
  7. Teams call in the browser in dual-booted Ubuntu - all OK. (this is one of the issues keeping me dual booting)

I’ve double-checked the Zoom scenarios since the call. What makes Zoom in the browser unusable is there’s a huge lag on the mic and video. I might try it as an HVM and see if that improves things.

I read the docs, though on my 4.2 system I just attach the PCI device and the qubesdb entry gets updated to 1 without having to run anything else.

Framework, 11th gen Intel.

Not sure what would cause this, but I’d like to have a lot more confidence in audio/video working well. Can anyone help me understand what might be going on here?

Do you attach your webcam as PCI device or USB device?
If USB device then it could be a problem with insufficient sys-usb memory and you can try to increase the sys-usb memory for a test.

As USB - will try that out and see if the lag improves.
The basic problem of not getting audio also happens when I don’t attach the webcam at all.