Is this screen normal? (Entering emergency mode / dracut init-queue timeout)

What does this mean? I only opened my laptop, pressed the button to boot it up, and left my office for a workout. I came back, and this was showing. My cat may have done something??

It is very likely you not provided your LUKS password to unlock the disk, then it’s timeout and the boot process failed.

It this is the case it is the normal and expected result.


Ok. Thank you for the clear explanation! That said—there’s nothing “normal and expected” about this screen. It scared me half to death! I’ll create a GitHub issue to address this with something a little more sane. I do UX, so this definitely had me clutching my pearls for allthereasons… but as a non-technical user, I was afraid to even reboot my machine. Which I’ll now go ahead and do. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I am a bit technical and had gotten this screen before. It scares me as well! And worst of all, last time I got it (maybe some years ago), I don’t think a reboot solved it. So I had to resort to a full reinstall (and never learned what cause the issue) – was too busy on deliveries to care about diagnostics.

@ninavizz I hope a reboot did solve it or that someone else here is able to provide further assistance.

edit: I’ve added the concrete problem to the title to it’s easier for others to find.

I posted about this very issue a few weeks back and there is also a post over on the Reddit Qubes about it. I’ve had it happen twice and yes, it does appear to be related to a password problem in that if you reboot and type your pw slowly you may get past the LUKS log in screen but it will always take you back to that screen.
Like someone else who posted I had to reinstall on both occasions. Last time I took the opportunity to upgrade to 4.0.4, so far so good. But this problem, and it is a problem, seems to be unsolved at this time. Let us know how you go with your reboot. If you can’t retrieve it then creating a git issue might have been a good idea.
Both of my problems with this have been when booting up, not like your’s which came when the pc was running. Its a definite minus for me with qubes and i hope that someone more tech than me can get to the bottom of it.

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It’s already done:

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