Is there are an easier way to configure audio in Qubes?

I still have to do all of this to have audio in my qube?

Can i somehow configure direct passthrough to a speaker and a microphone for one qube?

Audio should work out of the box in you use the PCI audio device connected to dom0 as audio input/output.
If you want to use USB device for audio input/output then you can connect this USB device directly to the qube to use it there.

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Should it work out of the box for standalone kali hvm?

Is it based on a kali template or installed from ISO?

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Installed from ISO. If you install kali based on kali template you can get audio working out of the box?

I guess audio should work for kali installed from ISO as well, but you need to set the audio-model feature for your kali qube in dom0:

qvm-features YourKaliQubeName audio-model ich6

At least it works for WIndows:

  • audio output and input (available even without QWT installation if qvm-features audio-model is set as ich6)
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Thank you! It works