Is my Asus supported?

Hello all,
I would love to try QubeOS but I’m worried about my pc compatibility.
I have read the list of supported pc and my Asus N751JK is not in the list.
I’ll have hope that QubeOS will work without worries?


If it’s not in the HCL, nobody knows for sure if it will work. However you can safely try Qubes by installing it on a USB stick, not on the HDD/SSD.

Do you mean to try it in live from a USB stick?

No, you should use a USB stick instead of an SSD as the target device for the installation (and you need another one to install from).

It was a long ago, but as far as I can recall, when I was buying my computer I brought only Qubes installation USB with me, entered and set BIOS options, started installation, and Qubes warned me or not if the hardware is compatible, way before choosing target device, and right before choosing the language…?

This can happen in some cases (notably when you hardware doesn’t support hardware VT-d virtualization), but not in other cases.

Now I’m intrigued. If there wouldn’t be such a warn in 100% cases of incompatibility, then we would be able to install Qubes anyway, so how exactly we would know if our hardware is compatible or not upon installation?
Or we wouldn’t be allowed to install it? I was always able with all my computers, but with the known implications and tradeoffs on incompatibility and security, and upon such a warning.

Is it HCL test that will tell us? Does that mean that even if we pass the installation without any warning, it still doesn’t mean our hardware is Qubes compatible?

I have installed it. There are issues about network adapter.