Network issues

I have a Asus N751JK and I’ve just installed Qubes.
Moments before the installation completed without a single error this appeared: LYEe2 LJp Qyi8j GSfeb0nn Q — Postimages

Then other errors all about network:

(The 2nd image of this link happens on startup)

Is there a hope I can use this OS on this pc?

Please don’t post images on their own.
If an image has useful information, take the time to summarise it or
type it out.

Most network issues happen because you are using a Network Card that is
not supported out of the box.
Does sys-net start?
If so, open a terminal in sys-net and check the logs with journalctl or
dmesg, and look for entries relating to the network adapter. You may
find that it tells you what package to install.

Also, look at the settings for sys-net, on the Devices tab, and see what
network card is selected.
Post any information you find.

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