Is it 4.1 mature enough to use it as a daily driver?

I’d like to install 4.1 and use it as daily driver [used some time 4.0 and I like qubes os].
Is it mature enough to use it in that way:

  • browsing
  • audio
  • video
  • some code

It probably can do all those things (some people reported using 4.1 as their daily driver), but it might be less stable and secure, because it’s still in the testing phase. If you can deal with that, install 4.1. Also, if you report any bugs you have, you will help the community.

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i use it and very stable even with testing repo, as long as you don’t play with experimental code / apps like sys-gui, sys-audio, etc.


Then I’ll stick with it … already installed it :smiley: thanks

It’s definitely capable of doing almost everything, and vastly more stable than it was even 6 months ago.

Yes I’m typing this forum post on 4.1 right this mome


Same, works really well - movies, mail, browsing and all of this works perfectly (without any tweaking).

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Im having a lot of problems.
System completely freezing, need to do hard shutdown.
Graphics flickering.
Video going black while audio continues in VLC. Standard media player isnt smooth.

Ryzen 2700x
32gb ram
Asus TUF x470

Yes… for sure. I have had 4.1 running smoothly on two different machines. A Lenovo and a Librem. Obviously it’s not as “convenient” as Mac or even Debian but those systems can’t do what Qubes does. As long as you set everything up to complement your workflow and keep expectations realistic… you’re good to go. It’s not for professional video editing, high end graphic design or music production but for web, communication, coding, movies, tunes, file management, etc. it’s legit. I especially like the newest KDE desktop manager. Very polished. Love this OS! :slight_smile:

I just installed it again … after some long time of ignoring 4.1
I’ll try it with KDE not i3 for now :slight_smile:


@dallas87 Be sure to follow the KDE install instructions here:


@necker unfortunately I used kde-settings-qubes command. Is that bad? Everything seems to work ok til now


Try uninstalling KDE with

sudo dnf remove kdelibs plasma-workspace

Then use that long sudo qubes-dom0-update <list of packages> command that installs individual packages (linked in my last post on this thread)… followed by sudo qubes-dom0-update --action-reinstall <list of packages>

Then reboot and click the top right of your login screen to switch to “Plasma”

@necker thanks. I just did that.
For me seems same … the configs remained same …

Not sure I understand what you mean.

For example I created more desktops … and after remove and reinstall this setting remained …
I also added some apps to my favorites, and same thing, after uninstall,install,reinstall I’m still having those apps to favorites


Don’t know what to say. The only mention of uninstalling KDE in the Qubes docs is at the bottom of this page:

A total shot in the dark but maybe after uninstalling, reboot to xfce and follow the same KDE install procedure? Perhaps installing from within an active KDE session prevents defaults from getting overwritten? No idea.

seems the result is same but I guess this is not a problem

You should search for the location of the config files, then delete them and restart your DE. That should do the trick. Otherwise just write a small bash-script copying example files to relevant locations.

Moved to i3 (it seems I can’t without it)
Thank you