Installing snap

Hi guys noob here after I install snap on fedora -34 using qubes helper I fire up my app vm to install software on it and upon typing command snap install Enter , it says no command found. The same thing happens in Debian -10

Any ideas why this may happen? The installation seems fine and there are no error messages when attempting to install in both templates.

Installing Snap Packages

You may need --user to install them persistently in app qube.

Hi there, I have actually followed the instructions and installed it in a template first. It’s saying command not found in the template I installed it in too.

It shouldn’t say command not found. Can you detail which command you ran in which template?

Yes. It’s snap install app name .
No command found,

I followed the exact steps on qubes-os software installation guide. I also uninstalled and tried again, same thing.

So if you installed snap on the template, maybe you forgot to shut it down.

So an appVM (app qube) is based on a template, but the template only saves the changes when you shut it down. Thus, if already had the app qube running, installed snap on the template and never restarted the app qube after that, the changes won’t take effect.

That’s in the instructions, please read carefully and let me know if they worked.

I can verify that that is not the issue. I am having the same problem and have indeed shut down my template.

Just a wild guess. Does this help maybe?

I could not get it to work properly.

What I noticed is if I enter snap list --all the snapd package is fine on the default Fedora-34 template but broken on the AppVM. As they are fine on the Template I repair them on the AppCube but after a reboot they are broken again. Not sure why it breaks on the AppVM.

I experimented with bin-dirs to bind the /var/lib/snapd/snaps and the /tmp directory but this did not seem to help either.

Did you connected to a netVM from the template?