Installing Qubes From USB Drive

I just purchased a new Librem 14 and ordered Qubes OS on a USB. How do I install the software on the computer?

Read this

@OhRight, you can ignore everything until the Installation section.

But I just noticed that the instructions don’t actually state how to get the computer to boot from the USB stick. Submitted an issue about it:

The following link may help:

Note: I haven’t actually checked if the instructions are accurate, but given it’s in the purism forum, it should be well suited for your specific case)

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To be more explicit, with the computer powered off, you insert the USB stick into the laptop. Then you start you computer and immediately press Esc or del or F2 (it changes from computer to computer and you have to figure out which is the right one). That should lead you into what’s called the BIOS.

There you have to find the “boot menu” and there select the USB stick (to boot from it). After that you should see the it booting from the USB after some seconds.

Let me know if you got lucky.