Installer GUI does not load - Thinkpad X1 Carbon 9th gen

Qubes OS version

Affected components

Brief summary
Installer boots normally, reaches a higher resolution X session with a movable mouse pointer. The installer menu does not load as expected, even after leaving the laptop waiting for 10 minutes.

Lenovo Carbon X1 Generation 9 (20XW003KUS)

May be related to Running Qubes on Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 9th

I had no luck getting installed the latest stable R4.0.4. It always ended with a black screen (with or without a moveable mouse pointer or blinking cursor) just before the installer gui should come up. (I think) I tried all solutions around the web.

Haven’t tried the Beta 4.1 yet. Please advise.

Known issue for this laptop on version 4.0.4 (I don’t remember the reason, though). I can confirm, however, that it runs 4.1 well, with the exception of being unable to resume from suspend.

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