Installation stuck at reached target paths


I’ve tried to install Qubes but don’t get any further than “[OK] Reached target Paths”

I’ve tried all possible installations(Test media and install, troubleshooting and install and normal install) but still couldn’t get further then as above mentioned.

My device is a:
Dell G15 5520
3060 6GB
Intel i9 12900H

I thought about installing Qubes on a different laptop and switch the SSDs afterwards but some people mentioned that it would not work but others mentioned that it works fine.
The UEFI configuration was done as described in the documentation and all things regarding the virtualization are switched on.
As I read somewhere the option of a legacy boot is not possible.
The install was tried using rufus with the described settings. I tried to use a smaller usb(below 8GB) but it also did not continue.

The only topics I could find regarding the freezing were at a different point of the installation, not that early.


Did you try install with kernel-latest GRUB menu entry?

Did you write iso in DD image mode?
Installation guide | Qubes OS

I could not find reliable information what it does/I didn’t really understood what it does so unfortunately no.

And I used for iso DD and the other writing method, both didn’t work.


You should try to install Qubes with kernel-latest. For modern hardware to work it may require support that is not yet present in stable Linux kernel but is present in kernel-latest.

Okay, thank you for your help. I’ll try it later

I tried to do the install via kernel-latest but now it’s stuck at reached target basic system.
Furthermore there are multiple errors:
dracut-pre-udev[676]: modprobe: FATAL: Module cramfs not found in directory /lib/modules/6.1.12-1.qubes.fc32.x86_64
dracut-pre-udev[727]: modprobe: FATAL: Module Floppy not found in

[FAILED] Failed to start udev Wait for Complete Device initialization
See systemctl status systemd-udev-settle.service for details.

The last error occurred right after Reached target paths

You need to check the logs to see what errors/warning are do you have.
If you leave the installer in this state then after some time dracut will timeout and you’ll be able to enter console to see/copy logs.
Like this:

Thanks, I managed to find another post where the same problem was discussed.
Apparently the RAID settings for the nvme were the last reason for the error