Installation of a dual-boot system with Microsoft Windows 10 and Qubes OS 4.1 on one computer

I am thinking about to configure a dual-boot system with Microsoft Windows 10 and Qubes OS 4.1 on one computer. Please tell me what the current situation is like? Also please tell me where I can find documentation regarding this topic? Since I found and . But this documentation was for Qubes OS 4.0.4 .
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Many documentation for 4.0.4 works on 4.1 . Did something went wrong when you were following the documentation?

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Same here. I am dual booting windows 11 (it is a must for me unfortunately ) and Qubes 4.1. Documentation worked for me.

You should see this Warning first before proceeding with dual boot, i’ve been dual booted windows 11 and qubes os too, but I use my own configuration (2 drive with manual partition), here is what I do :

  • Manually partition by accessing tty2 from installation.
  • Configure file system, luks, and storage related.
  • Proceed to installation then access tty2 again after finish install to configure encrypted boot.
  • Install windows 11, in this step windows 11 will automatically use efi partition from qubes os.

So my storage layout is like this :

  1. EFI - nvme0n1p2
  2. BOOT - nvme0n1p1
  3. Qubes - nvme0n1p3
  4. Windows - nvme1n1p1

If you don’t have 2 disk then configure in installation to save some of space for windows.
And one thing, if you use uefi you don’t need to configure grub as explained in the link above, just select from uefi entry which os you want to boot.