Help Dual booting another OS after Qubes Installation

    Hello Everyone, Recently I have just downloaded the Qubes OS and I am loving the features so far.
    I downloaded it on my fourth partition to test it, but the Grub Boot menu seems to only recognize Qubes OS and does not display an option to boot into my Windows Partition (which I have files I'd like to transport and wanna keep on the side just incase)
    I was wondering how I could fix this, whether it'd be getting Qubes boot menu to recognize the OS or direct booting the Windows partition from any terminal (Legacy Boot Terminal or Dom 0 terminal) I appreciate anyone taking the time to read and/or help out.
    I believe I should mention that I did use thirdparty software to make a 5th swap partition for Qubes and I am unsure if that broke my other partitions since I was originally limited to 4.

read this

alternately you can use boot menu to select windows boot manager

how do you do that ?!? it might broke the security

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Thank you very much for the article, I will take a look at it and update you. I apologize if this topic counts as repetivive but I couldn’t find the article for the life of me.

Regarding your second question. It was pretty easy. I can’t remember the software name but i just executed It, made a swap partition out of free space and it worked fine. I don’ think its corrupted since removal of the system partition should have destroyed my computer which hasn’t happen. I will update on that and maybe post it elsewhere for others.

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